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What Types of Vehicles Are Available in a Limo Service Fleet?

People who have not been lucky enough to sit on the inside of a limousine often tend to assume that there is only one type of limo that will ever be on offer. While there is certainly a fair amount of overlap between various limo types, suffice it to say that there are also some stark contrasts and differences that you might want to take heed of. The question of which vehicles are available in a limo service fleet is a pertinent one to ask, because of the fact that different limo types are designed for suiting very different needs!

If we were to take the example of, they have a few offerings that you can check out. Firstly, there is the regular sedan limo that can seat up to four to six people at the end of the day. If you feel like this is not enough, you can go for a stretch limo which has enough of an internal capacity to seat around ten individuals with a high degree of comfort! Those that are looking for a truly gargantuan type of limousine would be well served by SUV limos due to the reason that they are on the upper end of limos as far as sizing is concerned.

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However, no matter which type of limo you go for and regardless of how much time it takes you to rent one, there is something that will stay consistent: the limo will be luxurious. Limos are luxury vehicles, so the only real variation that you’d be able to notice will largely have to do with size rather than anything else. Hence, you should base your decision mostly on how many occupants you’d like to take along with you.